Liberty Beat Podcast – Episode 41

This week, the liberty beat crew set to work determining the future of humanity.  Listen as all our fates are discussed, and we determine the best course of action for humanity.

Also we bitch about border taxes and speeding tickets. Continue reading “Liberty Beat Podcast – Episode 41”

Liberty Beat Podcast – Episode 39

We’re considering soliciting donations, and adding more production value and additional bonus episodes.  We want to hear user feedback if you’re interested or not, so please visit and send us a message!

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Liberty Beat Podcast – Bonus 1 – Explaining How Bitcoins Work, In Depth

We had a great time at PAX East instead of recording our show when we were supposed to, but we did cook up a brief discussion about how bitcoins work, in depth, before we left so that we would have something for you this week.

We tried to keep things accessible to a layman while still being informative to a technical person, so hopefully this should be something everyone can enjoy, but if it’s too dry for you, we’ll be back to our normal format next week.

Liberty Beat Podcast – Episode 37 – Tim Moen

The guests are back!  We invited Tim Moen to join us to give us some sweet sweet rants on the topic of liberty.

In this episode, we teased that we might do a special bonus episode on the technical background behind Bitcoins.  Since the entire Liberty Beat crew will be at PAX East this weekend, we went and pre-recorded that bonus-cast and we’ll be publishing it next week 😀 Continue reading “Liberty Beat Podcast – Episode 37 – Tim Moen”

Liberty Beat Podcast – Episode 36

Well, Hugo Chavez is dead.  Kim Jong Il died not long ago.  Seems like now’s not a good time to be one of those ‘permanent head of state’ types.

Maybe the universe is taking revenge for Daylight Saving Time.  Didn’t they read Harry Potter?  Terrible things happen to wizards who mess with time.

Oh, wait, politicians don’t have control over time itself?  Why are they acting like they do then?  Hm…  Oh well, enjoy our latest episode! 😀 Continue reading “Liberty Beat Podcast – Episode 36”