Liberty Beat Podcast – Episode 4

Uh oh.  The Liberty Beat gang has gone and done it again.  In this episode, we condemn the institution of government enforced child support (and feminism in general), talk about rubber gloves, testicles, and circumcisions, and ponder why nobody in the mainstream media likes to talk about the issues that interest us.  Nope; no irony there!

Recorded live on June 10th, 2012. Continue reading “Liberty Beat Podcast – Episode 4”

Liberty Beat Podcast – Episode 3

What do seat belts, asbestos, cigarettes, and sugary soda pop all have in common?  Liberty Beat Episode three is here to answer that question and more!  We explain how anti-immigration people might just be a bunch of racists, how air travel security problems solve themselves, and how the minimum wage destroys the lives of unskilled workers.

Recorded live on June 3rd, 2012. Continue reading “Liberty Beat Podcast – Episode 3”

Liberty Beat Podcast – Episode 2

The Liberty Beat crew has recorded our second podcast episode where we explain why intellectual property is a flawed and destructive concept, all the ins and outs of the canadian socialized health care system, why insurance is bad or at least seems that way, and how transmission fluid used to be made out of whale oil.  Fancy that.

Recorded live on May 27th, 2012. Continue reading “Liberty Beat Podcast – Episode 2”

Liberty Beat Podcast – Episode 1

Look out world, here we come.  Daniel Benoy, David Shepherd, and Chinaman have joined forces to explore the world’s deepest and most important news stories and issues in our brand spankin’ new liberty themed podcast!

Recorded live on May 20th, 2012.

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Liberty Beat Podcast Debut

Our first podcast recording will be taking place this Sunday, May 20th, at 6:30pm eastern time.

Liberty Beat Podcast is a libertarian themed talk show, where we’ll be focusing on current events, and the those tough moral issues that keep us awake at night.

It’s not all serious, though!  We’ll talk about movies, books, technology, and whatever else we find interesting.  Hopefully you’ll find it interesting too.

You’ll be able to listen to the show live on our VoIP recording system, and you can even call in and join the podcast with your own questions or comments.  Check the ‘Listen’ link at the top of the page for instructions.