Liberty Beat Podcast – Episode 81

Here we have the last of the unreleased old episodes from back before we went on hiatus. The next episode will be a fresh shiny delicious new episode from 2017! Look forward to it!

Recorded July 6th, 2014.


  • Sports Stars
  • Predatory use of Child Support
  • Unlicensed medicine and dentistry
  • Cronyism in licensing
  • Being born into different classes
  • Housing requirements
  • Student Medicine
  • Organ and blood selling
  • Preventing life-saving trade
  • The Non-Aggression Principle
  • Circumcision
  • Genetic Expression
  • Locker room experiences
  • Euthanasia via roller coaster
  • Lazy thinking
  • Reviewing Prostitutes
  • How illegality harms prostitutes
  • The most dangerous occupations
  • Sociopathy and income
  • Water and dams
  • Artifacts and abandoned property
  • Use and ownership
  • Government claims of land ownership
  • Private archeology
  • Refugee Healthcare funding