Liberty Beat Podcast – Episode 79

Here’s yet another live-streamed episode of Liberty Beat from back before we went on hiatus, recorded Sunday, May 18th, 2014. Don’t worry. New episodes are coming soon!

But for now, do you want to hear a bunch of complaining about how statists don’t listen? Well look no further! Also get the inside scoop about the telecommunications industry and how all these monopolies are the product of regulation.


  • Nationalism: Canada vs. USA
  • Movie reboots, rehashes, and why copyright perverts culture
  • Telecommunications Monopolies
  • Knee-jerk ignorant responses
  • Making libertarian comments on Youtube
  • Teen Dead After Alabama Police ‘Shoved Sharp Object Into Throat’ to Retrieve Drugs
  • Police
  • Why the drug war is wrong and should be ended
  • Failure means more money in government, but less money in the free market
  • Education and science
  • The most exciting ways to learn science
  • Logic
  • Fatal stabbing after altercation in Kitchener/Waterloo.