Liberty Beat Podcast – Episode 33 – Stephan Kinsella

Intellectual Property Attorney and outspoken libertarian Stephan Kinsella joins us today to give the most eloquent opposition to concept of ‘Intellectual Property’ we’ve ever had on the show.  Listen in while we explore the complex distortions created by this destructive system!


  • State Versus Freedom & Technology
  • Special Guest: Stephan Kinsella
  • Locke-ian Ideas & Intellectual Property
  • Patent & Copyright
  • First Sale Doctrine (Omega v. Costco)
  • Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel & Trademarks
  • WTO Antigua $25m Ideas
  • Who owns the copyrights of a picture?
  • Linking to copyrighted material
  • Aaron Swartz, PACER & JSTOR
  • Copyright & Plagiarism & Trademark
  • Exception to the DMCA
  • Ron Paul & the Domain Name Squatters
  • Dead Space 3 & the farming glitch
  • Contracts of Adhesion


  • Host: Daniel Benoy
  • Co-Host: David Shepherd
  • Co-Host: Mark Chong
  • Guest: Stephan Kinsella
  • Music: Grassy World by Matthew Pablo