Liberty Beat Podcast – Episode 31 – Sydney Roc

This week we get an expert on video games as it to relates to liberty.  Sydney Roc from the Gaming and Liberty podcast joins our usual crazy crew to talk psychology, technology, and his home province of Quebec!


  • Sydney Roc from Gaming and Liberty
  • Skinner Boxes, and the motivations for playing games
  • Metathinking
  • Player Agency
  • Assembly line work = Beating slimes!
  • How games teach us useful skills in real life.
  • China considering getting rid of their 12 year ban on game consoles.  — Wait what?  China banned game consoles?
  • The older generation and the casual game / hardcore game divide.
  • PC vs. Console games
  • Copyright Infringement!  Arrrr.
  • Quebec: Politics, and language laws, schools, “culture”.
  • Liberty is the philosophy of peace.
  • Lack of libertarian choices in games (Grr @ Deus Ex: Human Revolution)
  • Canadian health care and why it sucks.
  • Dave’s libertarian strategy: Suck up as much tax funded benefits as possible, and get the cops to enforce all the stupid laws with no exceptions.
  • Game censorship in Germany and Australia.
  • Game black markets
  • Crowd Funding