Liberty Beat Podcast – Episode 30 – Ethan Erkiletian

One half of the Ed and Ethan team joins the show again (This time with VoIP that actually works!), introducing some much needed dulcet baritone to counter our usual shrill cries of freedom ūüėÄ


  • Ed and Ethan
  • Where did you first learn about liberty?
  • The left/right political divide.
  • The difficulties of understanding liberty (Need to know everything about everything?)
  • I, Pencil
  • Cannabis
  • Separate concepts: Opposing/supporting something / Supporting government action to that end.
  • LGBT issues. ¬†Should you even give a crap about someone else’s completely private life?
  • Public displays of affection
  • Children¬†shouldn’t¬†necessarily¬†be shielded from finding porn, or¬†punished¬†for swearing.
  • Daniel’s Dad
  • Consistency, and its role in understanding liberty.
  • Bus driver delays passengers outside in the bitter cold so he can have a smoke break.
  • How practical is it to know and obey the law? ¬†Impossible, it turns out.
  • The symmetry between buying and selling. ¬†Both sides have the right to decline the transaction.
  • Is it right to stop someone from committing suicide by force?
  • Health care! (Put three canadian libertarians in a podcast, and health care will come up :p)
  • Inflation. ¬†Where does it come from?
  • Government Marriage (Why liberty lovers should oppose gay marriage laws?)


  • Host: Daniel Benoy
  • Co-Host: David Shepherd
  • Co-Host: Mark Chong
  • Guest: Ethan Erkiletian
  • Music: Grassy World by Matthew Pablo