Liberty Beat Podcast – Episode 26

The Liberty Beat crew reacts to the recent school shooting, and reacts to the reaction to the recent school shooting.  Spoiler: We’re not going to advocate more gun control.


  • Sandy Hook Elementary massacre.
  • Is it worse when crimes happen to children?
  • Mass shootings are good for the interests of politicians and cops.
  • Prioritize, people.  Large effort vs. Small Reward.
  • Guns
  • Aggregate justification.  Is it alright to put people to death in order to increase tho whole group’s survival percentage?  That’s what gun laws and seat belt laws try to do.  (And sometimes, they end up achieving the opposite)
  • Should you be allowed to have opinions on things that don’t directly affect you?
  • Unemployment Insurance (‘EI’) in Ontario
  • Santa, lies, and deceiving children.