Liberty Beat Podcast – Episode 25

As the year draws to a close, Liberty Beat presents its 25th podcast episode.  We talk about copyright, and other forms of corporation protectionism, and all three of us men try to explore the intricacies of feminism.

Tune in, and be sure to send us a message if you’d like us to respond to you on the air.


  • nzb matrix vs DMCA
  • the solutions
  • cross country comparison, hulu etc
  • the libertarian razor
  • bitcoins as a solution to biased payment service providers
  • bitcoin central becomes a bank
  • bitcoins and money laundering
  • bitcoins and drug dealing
  • bitcoins as something that cannot be controlled
  • the gold standard
  • forfeiture laws
  • racketeering
  • quebec language laws
  • minimum wage laws and wal-mart
  • minimum wage for the employee
  • severance
  • prevention of exploitation
  • women versus men in the workplace
  • the patriarchy
  • the glass ceiling
  • how a company views pregnancies
  • pregnancy insurance
  • wal-mart customer service
  • quebec gun registry
  • victim impact statements