Liberty Beat Podcast – Episode 23

Liberty Beat is back to challenge some of the world’s fundamental assumptions in another thought provoking episode.

Recorded live on November 18th, 2012.Topics:

  • Birthdays, Christmas, gifts, and the value of ‘tradition’.
  • Angelina Jolie is a libertarian?
  • Quebec wants to force Walmart, Costco, etc. to rename their corporate brand names to include more french.
  • Taxing the profits of illegal drugs.   … ??
  • Legal Marijuana and how the DEA will raid you anyway.
  • “Arbitrary Enforcement” and how the police can punish anyone they please without consequences.
  • Brer Rabbit vs the tar baby?
  • Quebec is shutting down a school and busing the kids far away.  Property owners will not be receiving a refund on their taxes.
  • Warning: You’re not allowed to home school because you’re dissatisfied with the performance of the public school.  If you want to be allowed to home school you’ll have to say it’s for moral reasons.
  • Every government threat is ultimately the threat of death or indefinite confinement.
  • The limits of the right to use force and how it relates to home owner associations.
  • “Lemon Law”
  • Equality
  • Native Canadians, and how can you tell if someone genuinely owns something?