Liberty Beat Podcast – Episode 21

Are you ready for some more libertarian ranting?  Yes.  Yes you are.

Pop some popcorn, curl up and relax with the latest installment of Liberty Beat.

Recorded Sunday, November 4th, 2012.


  • School Sucks Podcast and how awesome they are
  • TV, does it make you stupid?
  • Social status and worthyness?
  • Government censorship, and China.
  • The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal and how you can use it to ruin innocent lives.
  • Free Speech
  • “The Chilling Effect” vs. “The Streisand Effect”
  • “Innocence of Muslims”
  • Drunk driving and how you’re guilty until proved innocent.
  • Female prisoner tortured, commits suicide, and video evidence shows that she was abused horribly.
  • Abortion
  • Selling Children
  • Government making laws just to make laws: Back yard fire laws
  • Back yard fire
  • Insurance nonsense, and failures of the court system.
  • Gouging
  • Chairity, the poor, and the hospitals.