Liberty Beat Podcast – Episode 20

Liberty Beat celebrates Halloween!  Want to hear what the scariest costume imaginable is?  Tune in…

Recorded Sunday, October 28st, 2012.


  • Halloween
  • Statutory Holidays, and the ‘Civic Holiday’
  • “Care and Control” drunk driving laws
  • Decadent displays of imperial power, like the Toronto city hall.
  • Best Korea
  • The Quebec Language Police
  • Aspiring journalist arrested for recording mall cops
  • The government wants warrantless tracking of people by IP address.
  • The unchecked power of police.
  • Kids not strapped in car clocked at 212 km/h
  • Government busybodies want to force manufacturers to put gross pictures on their junk food labels.
  • The right to bare arms extends to drug dealers too.
  • Food waste adds methane to the air?  More FUD in the hopes of increasing government interference.