Liberty Beat Podcast – Episode 19

Dave shows up a little late in this episode, so you get to hear a little one-on-one between Daniel and Chinaman, but fear not!  Dave shows up to shake us up with a flurry of activity about half way through the show!

Recorded Sunday, October 21st, 2012.


  • “Politics”, and the US election (Idealism vs. Pragmatism?  Ron Paul?)
  • Overpopulation.  How full is the earth?
  • Taxes
  • Identity (Racism, etc.)
  • Education (What’s wrong with kids these days?)
  • Quebec wants daycare workers to only speak french
  • We eat another disturbing product on the air.
  • The most libertarian major candidate here in Canada?
  • The Ontario parliament has shut down. (temporally)
  • We explain why the Liberty Beat crew is basically exactly like Jesus.
  • Creative judgements.  (Forcing people to apologize in lieu of jail time?) (Judge sends kids to jail in exchange for bribes)