Liberty Beat Podcast – Episode 18

The liberty beat crew is back to assault your ears with pure concentrated awesome!  Also stay tuned after the end of the episode for a very special segment where we get highly technical.  A special gift for all you nerds out there!

I say in the episode that I should post some articles about cops murdering dogs in public and on no-knock raids, but there are so many articles that it would fill pages.  Just google ‘dog shootings police’.

Recorded Sunday, October 14th, 2012.


  • Absinthe
  • Flash-bang grenade tossed at child in no-knock raid.
  • Cheese smuggling rings, and the mastermind criminals behind this dastardly enterprise.
  • The “first sale doctrine” in the ‘states.
  • Home made guns.  (
  • ‘Do Not Track’ and internet privacy in general.
  • Is every single government action actually a veiled threat of violence?  How is that possible?
  • The basics of how the internet works, and how it functions even though it has no central control.
  • Doctors are being paid by the government to claim that their patients are unfit to drive.  What could possibly go wrong?
  • Dave’s experience in a canadian hospital.
  • Woman arrested on charges of blasphemy.  (Plus a little about the human rights tribunal: Scott Brockie)
  • Thousands of piglets killed.  (Murdered?!)