Liberty Beat Podcast – Episode 16

This week’s podcast is da bomb.  We discuss terrorism, security theater, and we throw in explanations of some of the the various DRM and ‘Intellectual Property’ related dangers out there!

Recorded live on September 16th, 2012.


  • Tipping.
  • A judge has sided against arbitrary indefinite detention.
  • Lojban
  • Man gets arrested for asking the police “Why am I on a terrorist watch list?”, complete with abusive ‘bomb scare’ shutdown of the building.
  • Insider trading should be legalized!
  • Windows 8, and using monopolies to capture monopolies.
  • UEFI is the biggest threat to general home computing we’ve seen so far.  The future will be interesting.
  • Kickstarter and ‘Intellectual Property’
  • Border checks, and all the stupid rules.
  • Immigration, and why we need to shut down the border.