Liberty Beat Podcast – Episode 15

Sex, drugs, and ROCK AND ROLL! … okay, a little less of that last thing.  In fact, mostly a bunch of ranting and not much music at all.  But definitely a lot of sex and drug talk.  Enjoy!

Recorded live on September 9th, 2012.


  • Banned Beverage
  • What age is best to try alcohol?  Is the ‘drinking age’ making things worse?
  • Rumspringa (Check out the documentary ‘Devil’s Playground’)
  • More on the drug war!
  • Mary Kay Letourneau; a story of love triumphing over persecution.
  • We bring up the libertarian hot button of animal rights.
  • What’s the purpose of justice?  To punish purpetrators, or to make victims whole again?
  • Jury Nullification
  • Modern slavery
  • Seasteading
  • Immigration.  What’s the deal with the American government trying to keep us Canadians out?
  • Medical smartphone apps, should they be regulated?  Most medical technologies are currently regulated, what’s the different?
  • J-walking, emergency vehicles, and stopping for the school bus.
  • Morals, do you have them?  What are they?  Is it about feelings?