Liberty Beat Podcast – Episode 14

This week, Ethan Erkiletian, the other half of the Ed and Ethan podcast joins us to talk about all things past present and future as we give yet another liberty assessment of the world at large.

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Recorded live on August 26th, 2012.


  • Is the world moving toward freedom?
  • Someone gets kicked off a plane for wearing a shirt that mocks the TSA.
  • The reverse bull filter, and other boggling government wastes.
  • How do you define ‘child labor’?  When is it right; when is it wrong?
  • “Trade Agreements” is a nonsense euphemism.  The only thing they’re ‘agreeing’ to ‘trade’ is a restrictive law here, for a restrictive law there.
  • Intellectual property.. again!
  • Cellphone bans while driving, and how they do nothing but hurt.  (More basic logic lessons!)
  • Arbitrary enforcement, and pulling people over to ‘fish’.
  • How do we get from here, to there?
  • Pure, true democracy wouldn’t work.
  • The poor, the government, and liberty.  What is ‘The social safety net’ and would everyone starve and die in our world?
  • The drug war, and who’s to blame for all the violence?  Is it shameful to be a member of a drug gang?
  • “Foster Care” and how completely awful it is, and how everyone already knows that, and how it doesn’t seem to be changing.


  • Host: Daniel Benoy
  • Co-Host: David Shepherd
  • Co-Host: Mark Chong
  • Guest Host: Ethan Erkiletian
  • Music: Grassy World by Matthew Pablo