Liberty Beat Podcast – Episode 13

WE GOT A CALL!  WOO HOO!  Now we’re officially a call in show!  o/` Celebrate good times, come on! o/`  This week, Ed from the Ed and Ethan podcast joins us to share his insights about building a voluntary future.

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Recorded live on August 19th, 2012.


  • Ed and Ethan
  • Ebay is forbidding the sale of ‘magic’ spells, curses, etc.
  • Can Ebay style reputation ratings replace laws?
  • Ontario wants to ‘freeze teacher salaries’ (That’s government-speak for ‘no raises this year’)
  • How is performance in school measured?  What makes it different from performance at work?
  • Google vs. Apple
  • ‘Intellectual Property’ still sucks.
  • Are bitcoins an “Emerging Threat”?  To government abuse, perhaps!
  • ‘Money Laundering’ is a euphemism for ‘Not letting the government invade your financial privacy.’
  • If you want big business to crush all of the mom and pops, then support heavy regulation.
  • Punishing businesses that hurt people: OK.  Forcing businesses to pay regulatory fees, obey arbitrary rules, submit extensive paperwork: Bad.
  • Research In Motion: Regulators want to forbid foreign entities from buying big Canadian companies.
  • Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.  Is it all a witch hunt?
  • Daylight Savings Time: WHY?!