Liberty Beat Podcast – Episode 12

Get out the mail stationery and your favorite hate mail pen!  The loony libertarian hosts of Liberty Beat Podcast are back to assault your ears with truth and justice! 😀  Tune in, and enjoy.

Recorded live on August 12th, 2012.


  • Democracy = Two wolves and a sheep, voting on what’s for dinner.
  • Corporations, should they exist?
  • Mergers, A la carte channels, and other terrible CRTC decisions we’re forced to endure.
  • Crown corporations: Should parliament be allowed to delegate their power?
  • Yet another law designed to ‘protect’ our ‘security’
  • Arbitrary enforcement: Police should be compelled to enforce any law they see broken.
  • Are sports an analogue for warfare?
  • “Out of a job yet?  Keep buying foreign.”
  • The Parti Quebecois and the language police.
  • Immigration: Shut down the borders and let people in.