Liberty Beat Podcast – Episode 87

This episode is all about religion. Specifically, Daniel, who’s a life long atheist, asks Fox to share details about his fundamentalist Christian upbringing, and the hardships and complications involved in his eventual transition to atheism.

The conversation turned out to be really interesting.

And, of course, we get a few criticisms in against the state while we’re at it.

Recorded April 14nd, 2017

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Liberty Beat Podcast – Episode 85

Last time we tried to record, the cold virus kept any of our hosts from joining the podcast at the same time. Why hasn’t the cold been cured yet? Get on it, free market. Anyway, after our immune systems got off their microscopic butts and fixed the issue, Daniel and Fox got together to record a fresh new episode for you.

Recorded March 21st, 2017

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Liberty Beat Podcast – Episode 84

Transgender issues are getting front-and-center attention in politics today, but is it really that important? And what exactly is transgenderism, and why are the SJWs so intent on trying to give transgender people a bad name by screaming ‘transphobe’ on their behalf when people have honest questions?

This week we discuss the issue in depth, including Trump’s transgender bathroom ‘ban,’ and then we move on to talk about the United States government’s brand new health care plan.

Recorded March 7th, 2017

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Liberty Beat Podcast – Episode 83

In this episode we talk about the mainstream media smear campaigns against PewDiePie,  Milo Yiannopoulos, and Jordan Peterson, and we catch up on all the crazy stuff that’s happened since our previous episode.

Recorded February 27th, 2017

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Liberty Beat Podcast – Episode 82

Liberty Beat is back on the air!

In the time since we last broadcasted, the United States elected a pro-wrestling reality TV game show host as their supreme leader, so we’re going to have a hard time competing with that for sheer entertainment value, terrifying as it may be.

At least we have a lot of material. In this episode, we talk about protectioniosm, the ‘muslim ban,’ and all sorts of crazy stuff that Donald Trump is up to.

Recorded February 7th, 2017

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Liberty Beat Podcast – Episode 80

We’re almost at the end of the unreleased old episodes! This one is second to last, recorded June 8th, 2014, and this one actually got a little messed up because I ended up accidentally hitting the stop button in the middle of recording, so you’ll hear it swapping to a lower-quality backup recording around one and a half hours in.

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